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  • BIMAS Opt Out


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    In our continuing efforts to support the well-being of all our students, teachers will be completing a universal assessment of behavioral health for all students. The assessment consists of a brief rating scale that will be completed by each child’s teachers. The universal assessment will help our teachers to understand the needs of all our students and to make effective plans at the grade level, class level, and individual level.


    It is important that your child feels that academic learning is their focus at school and that the adults they work with each day are doing all they can to create a safe and supportive environment.

    If you would like more information about the universal assessment, please call Bianca Chivers-White, Principal at 803-980-2040 or Dr. Nancy Turner, Director of Mental Health at 803-981-1397.

    This assessment is optional, but we hope you will allow your child’s teacher to complete it to help us gain additional insight into their needs. If you do not want an assessment completed on your child, please access the Opt Out Form on our school website. If you have difficulty accessing the form, please contact (803)980-2040.


    Thank you,

    Bianca Chivers-White, Principal

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  • Erin’s Law and Comprehensive Health Education: Section 59-32-20 (B) of the South Carolina Code of Laws York 3 – Ƶ School District Overview and Implementation

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    The South Carolina Legislature passed legislation in 2014 known as Erin’s Law. This law requires that South Carolina school districts extend their current mandated educational programs regarding personal safety, abuse education and prevention curriculum to students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grades. The goal of the law is to teach children to avoid situations that may lead to abuse and to report any instances of abuse they may have endured.

    The intent of the law is to give students skills in knowing how to stay safe from sexual assault and how to report any incidents of sexual assault. Parents and guardians are encouraged to discuss all health safety topics with their children. Specific to Erin’s Law, The Committee for Children and Darkness to Light (D2L) provides excellent resources for parents and families. Links to these resources are included here:

    http://www.cfchildren.org/families/sexual-abuse-prevention http://www.d2l.org/site/c.4dlCljOkGcISE/b.6035035/k.8258/Prevent_Child_Sexual_Abuse.htm#.Vrj3SE_ wtaQ

    Providing abuse education in schools is not a new initiative. Mandates under the Health Education Act and Internet Safety Education Curriculum require instruction beginning in sixth grade. Erin’s Law simply extends this education into grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. Some sample topics in elementary school include: Self-Esteem and Personal Power, Fitting In and Acceptance, Grooming and Boundaries, Staying Safe in the Virtual World; S.A.F.E.: It’s Ok to Tell.

    Our district guidance counselors, health teachers, and physical education teachers, under the leadership of our Lead Clinical Nurse and Associate Superintendent for Planning and Programs, worked together to select developmentally appropriate curriculum that will give our students the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves. Your child’s school guidance counselor will present age appropriate lessons Pre-K – 5. Parents are welcome to view the instructional materials at Safer, Smarter Kids. https://safersmarterkids.org/.

    Luanne Kokolis, Associate Superintendent for Planning and Programs

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